Transferred call not answered, not recorded

Hi everyone!
I have this flow:

A incoming call from a customer → ivr → ring group (7001) answer the call, talk for a while, and then transfer the call to another ring group (7002). Nobody pick the call in the ring group 7002, so the recording is deleted. I lost the audio file between the customer and someone in the ring group 7001.

Following the full.log, the [sub-record-cancel] routine is the one that delete de audio file (with rm -f /var…).

I understand that if a call is not answered, theres not need for a audio file, but in my case I lost the prior conversation.

Is this normal?

I have a:
Centos 7
Issabel 4.0.0
Asterisk 16.26.0

Sorry for my english!

The Issabel forums are at

IVRs and Ring Groups are abstractions created by Issabel, not things that exist, explicitly in Asterisk. sub-record-channel is part of the Issabel code.

Asterisk 16 is three days from losing even security fix support, and 16.26.0 will have at least one known vulnerability.

Thanks David!

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