Transfer Command - adding redirecting value

Hi All experts,

I have a question in related to Transfer command.
While i am adding in a call flow Redirecting Number value to the call scenario, in the CDR and in traces which i open i cannot see the Redirecting Number value is being transfered.

Can you please advise if there is an option to add it?

Comment - while i am using the DIAL command i cannot see the value - BUT i must use transfer.

Will appreciate you assistance - the context is as follows:

The value which is not added is : 11111111

exten => 0987654321,1,Verbose(0987654321…Test ***********************:{CALLERID(num)} ---- {EXTEN} —{EXTEN:4}) same => n,SET(REDIRECTING(from-num)=11111111) same => n,SET(REDIRECTING(reason)=cfu) same => n,Transfer(SIP/{EXTEN}@${G_IP})
same => n,Hangup()

in your dialplan, SET is used in same asterisk dial-plan.
but you want to Transfer call to other PBX.

how about using “SIP Header”?

First of all thanks for the response.

i have tried to add the following line after the mentioned SET commands:

same => n,SIPAddHeader(Redirecting Number: ${REDIRECTING(from-num)})

Still cannot see the value of the redirecting value.
Did you mean this command?

The appropriate headers should be added automatically,

However, it is so long since I did any of this that I’d have to re-ead all the relevant documentation to be sure how to make it work. I’m sure it did work, and we certainly didn’t have to explicitly add headers with chan_sip.

Note with some of this sort fo thing, there has to be special dialplan to ensure that values propagate.

Yes, You did what I mean

how do you catch the value(SIP header value, “Redirecting Number”)?

in the trace i can see it as follows:

Diversion: sip:11111111@IP_Server;Reason=unknown

I can see it only in 181 messages and 302 message on the SIP flow.

I cannot see it being forward to the next PBX server.

you use a cmd Transfer. but i don’t use a cmd Transfer util now.

do you have to use a Transfer cmd?
how about use a cmd Dial?

Yes in this case I must use the transfer command

You may have to use an interception macro, but it is so long since I looked at this, and it wasn’t needed in my case, that I’d have to read the documentation thoroughly to be sure.

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