Transfer call issue

I’ve the following problem, when I install a version of Asterisk 1.8.x or 10.x on a slow cpu computer (typically a VIA cpu) the tansfer call hangup every time.
I usually install the same version of asterisk and the same configuration and the same phones (grandstream or snom).
The same installation on a slow cpu machine can’t manage the transfer call feature (both with the features in asterisk or the button on the phone).
If I install a 1.4.xx version of Asterisk in this computer the transfer work correctly.

The error is this: when the user start the transfer I see the start of music on hold, but after 1 or 2 second the call hangup.
I read that when this problem is present the phone usually use the “SIP Refer” command to perform the transfer.
Other time I’ve read that I need to disable the pai feature, but this is a great feature.

Someone have found this problem? There is a solution?


This sounds like it may be a bug. To confirm this, you are going to have to provide sip debugging output.

Can you give me the documentation about the debugging need for this?
I know it’s not a simple “sip set debug on”. … nformation