Toshiba Ip Phones and Asterisk

hello !!

well im trying to setup a Toshiba ip phone model ipt2010-sd on my asterisk(1.4.2) but just i cant :frowning: i know the telephone use this codecs: G.729a and G.711 and the protocol is Megaco+ but i don’t know which file i have to modify on asterisk to enable this kind of ip phone. :unamused:

for u help and time thanks u

Not sure why this is related to the phone you use. But have you looked at sip.conf.sample and extensions.conf.sample? A good place to start would be the free O’Reily book mentioned in the sticky.

The question has no relation to SIP.
MGCP/Megaco is a different protocol (and channel in Asterisk as well).

Check this: … P+channels

Thanks for u reply