TOS not set in INVITE

We have “tos_sip = cs3” set in our sip.conf (using Asterisk 13 and chan_sip) and restarted Asterisk to make it take effect, however in a PCAP we can see that an INVITE out from Asterisk has the DSCP set to cs0. Can anyone help advise what might be wrong? Thank you.

please upgrade to Asterisk 18 as 13 is EOL
and test again
alternative to Asterisk 20 and change to use PJSIP
as chan_sip is depricated going forward

Hello, that would be great but isn’t possible at the moment. Would anyone know if setting TOS for SIP simply doesn’t work in Asterisk 13, or is there something else we can try?

I know it works with Asterisk 1.8 and 18
only thing I can recomend is to upgrade or look at the change log for each release to check if there has been any fix in regards to QoS

also unless you do somthing realy strange Astersk 18 should work fine with you config from 13
as we upgrade 20 servers from 1.8 to 18 without needing to make any config changes

We’re using a third party application which is dependent on a specific Asterisk version, so we can’t change Asterisk at this time.

If setting TOS works on Asterisk 1.8 and Asterisk 18 then its strange that we have an issue on Asterisk 13. Would anyone have any ideas about what we might have done wrong in the configuration?

well it might have been broken and fixed again between 1.8 and 20
but we no longer uses QoS as we have stoped selling MPLS connections

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