Topgate 8048 SIP Gateway

Hi all,

I’m trying to configure correctly a SIP gateway with Asterisk without success.

I already tried to find some information on internet about other people that already configured this hardware.

This gateway should work fine with Asterisk (at least this is what the supplier says), but after 2 weeks, I’m not able to register the gateway with asterisk

I always have this information on asterisk: Got SIP response 405 “Method Not Allowed” back from

I already tried different configurations both on Asterisk side and on SIP gateway side, without sucess.

I’m not experienced with this kind of gateway, just with Digium cards and with VoIP providers. I would expect that this gateway should work similar as a VoIP provider and I tried to set the trunk on it.

If someone already has configured that, will be truly helpful any directions.

thanks in advance.