Time based include

I have looked around, but can not find an answer on this one. I am testing out Asterisk 1.6 beta9, and receive the following error when starting asterisk …

ast_context_verify_includes: Context ‘callcenter’ tries to include nonexistent context ‘cc-weather|13:30-16:59|*|21|mar’

BUT Asterisk registers the context earlier during startup…

Registered extension context ‘cc-weather’ (0x2aaaaab29230) in local table 0x2aaaaab312e0; registrar: pbx_config
– Added extension ‘s’ priority 1 to cc-weather (0x2aaaaab29230)
– Added extension ‘s’ priority 2 to cc-weather (0x2aaaaab29230)

I checked extensions.conf, and the syntax appears correct. If I comment that line out, when Asterisk finds the next date/time based include statement, it gives the same error. I just tried this on Trunk, and it is a problem there as well. This extensions.conf file works fine under Asterisk without error.

So, has there been a change in 1.6 that affects the time/date based include statments? I can’t find anything in the documentation that I have read. Did I miss something, or is this possibly a bug?



Can anyone verify they have this working on asterisk 1.6x. Just want to make sure before I ask further up the development chain.


Found the answer after reading the UPGRADE.txt again. The delimiter has changed to a comma.

Updated the wiki, so hopefully someone else does not waste time with this one.