The 'stasis-core-control' task processor queue reached 500 scheduled tasks again


I am experiencing the following warning on my asterisk 13 PBX system. We have increased the resources on the server and the problem still exists.

taskprocessor.c:888 taskprocessor_push: The ‘stasis-core-control’ task processor queue reached 500 scheduled tasks again.

I have enabled core set verbose 10 and its providing me with this warning at random intervals, it doesn’t seam to be dialplan related.


What is the exact problem you are seeing besides that message?

We are experiencing jitter and call quality between the PBX and the phones.

The message itself would not be the cause of it, but could indicate that something in the system is bogging it down. You would need to investigate things as a whole to determine the cause of it.

Thank you, we are investigating the CPU processing on this machine.

Is there any change of disabling these warning messages?

Delete the message from the source code and recompile. This should not need any specific knowledge of C.