Test SMS on Trixbox

Hi, I’m new on Asterisk and Trixbox. Righ now I’m using Trixbox 1.2 in my system. I want to test SMS application on Asterisk. However, in Asterisk Console mode, I typed “Help” and there is no command related to SMS (no ‘sms’ or ‘smsq’). I already checked the wiki, but since my installation is Trixbox, I can’t seem to find the file ‘smsq.c’ and make file for it.

All I want to do is: in Asterisk console mode, send a SMS message to an extension number that had been assigned to my sip softphone, and see the message from the softphone.

Any help would be appreciated.


on my plain jane build of 1.2.4, i have app_SMS installed and the SMS function shows up for me.

i don’t know how trixbox handles module loading, so i can’t comment on whether you might be able to fix the issue via a config change, but my advice would be to ditch trixbox and build yourself a clean asterisk install of the latest 1.2 release. that way you’re not limited by a third party GUI in any way.

Here is my last few lines in my log:

Oct 2 17:24:05 VERBOSE[24415] logger.c: [app_md5.so]Oct 2 17:24:05 VERBOSE[244
15] logger.c: [app_md5.so] => (MD5 checksum applications)
Oct 2 17:24:05 VERBOSE[24415] logger.c: [app_txtcidname.so]Oct 2 17:24:05 VERB
OSE[24415] logger.c: [app_txtcidname.so] => (TXTCIDName)
Oct 2 17:24:05 VERBOSE[24415] logger.c: [app_directory.so]Oct 2 17:24:05 VERBO
SE[24415] logger.c: [app_directory.so] => (Extension Directory)
Oct 2 17:24:05 VERBOSE[24415] logger.c: [format_h263.so]Oct 2 17:24:05 VERBOSE
[24415] logger.c: [format_h263.so] => (Raw h263 data)
Oct 2 17:24:05 VERBOSE[24415] logger.c: [app_sms.so]Oct 2 17:24:05 VERBOSE[244
15] logger.c: [app_sms.so] => (SMS/PSTN handler)

Oct 2 17:24:05 VERBOSE[24415] logger.c: Asterisk Ready.
Oct 2 17:24:05 DEBUG[24427] chan_sip.c: Stopping retransmission on ‘28d80a8e29da
5e801642caf5327ca1ee@’ of Request 102: Match Found

So I assume the application SMS is installed, but the command SMS didn’t show up in my console. That’s kinda weird. Any suggestions?

can you do a ‘show application SMS’ - if so, it’s installed and just needs to be called from the dialplan

[quote]asterisk1CLI> show application SMS
-= Info about application ‘SMS’ =-

Communicates with SMS service centres and SMS capable analogue phones

SMS(name|[a][s]): SMS handles exchange of SMS data with a call to/from SMS capabale
phone or SMS PSTN service center. Can send and/or receive SMS messages.
Works to ETSI ES 201 912 compatible with BT SMS PSTN service in UK
Typical usage is to use to handle called from the SMS service centre CLI,
or to set up a call using ‘outgoing’ or manager interface to connect
service centre to SMS()
name is the name of the queue used in /var/spool/asterisk/sms
a: answer, i.e. send initial FSK packet.
s: act as service centre talking to a phone.
Messages are processed as per text file message queues.
smsq (a separate software) is a command to generate message
queues and send messages.

Oops, seems SMS is installed… What do u mean by “just need to be called from the dialplan”? Can I call SMS function in Asterisk CLI mode?

Oops…I found it on Wiki, dialplan in Asterisk is just the file “extensions.conf”. Sorry to bother you for this simlple question…

no problem, glad to help.