Test of asterisk prompts?

I can not believe this has not been asked before, but I can not find it… Is there a text listing of the contents of the files in thasterisk/sounds directory anywhere?

There is one in one of the directories. (My tired brain won’t allow me to remember where it is).

I did a case insensitive grep in all of the directories for the keyword weasels, which I did find reference to a few times, but I did not find the test of the “weasels” sound prompt anyplace within the asterisk-1.4.11 tree.


I have a list but I can’t attach it to a post and a copy and past result in a mess. Send me a pm with an e-mail adress. I use the list to make a Dutch translation so if there is anyone out there with a sexy voice who wants to record all 360 voiceprompts in Dutch please let me know.