Telephony card support TDM framed and unframed?

Does old Digium and newest telephony card support TDM framed and unframed?
Cards driver and software library have the capability to detect TDM frame type?

Sangoma cards are probably more geared for data than Digium cards, but this is maybe some of what you are looking for:

Hi, thanks for responding.
The question becomes from a particular 80s PSTN exchange, where E1 MFCR2 doesn’t synchronize with a generic systems based on Asterisk (does could happens to Digium and sangoma boards the same?).
Investigating about this issue I concluded problem becomes from the E1 card multi-frame transmission CAS alignment set on channel 0.
Current generic Asterisk receive multi-frame channel 0 from old PSTN and it align without any problems but not happens the same with E1 multi-frame from Asterisk E1 card. Clearly indicates problem comes from Asterisk E1 card (PSTN based on softswitch, not happens this kind of issues).
By the other way legacy TDM PBXs (2000 generations and oldest) since E1 PRI or E1 MFCR2 interfaces it connect and work without any problem due to firmware of the TDM card are designed for the specific signaling type.
Clearly is related to E1 PRI and E1 MFCR2 protocols coexistence and compatibility firmware of the IC transceiver.

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