TE220B E1 and TON: Unknown Number Type

Good day!
To connect Asterisk to the provider, we use E1. In order for the call transfer to work correctly, we need to send TON: National Number (2) in the Redirecting Number field to SETUP.

Now this field contains: Ext: 0 TON: Unknown Number Type (0) NPI: Unknown Number Plan (0).

Tell me please, in what configuration file it is possible to change settings of fields TON?

Should be the CALLERID function’s “num-plan” datatype.

Thank you, malcolm! I used the function Set(REDIRECTING(from-num-plan)=33). And got the desired result:
VERBOSE[7815] chan_dahdi.c: PRI Span: 1 > Redirecting Number (len=15) [ Ext: 0 TON: National Number (2) NPI: ISDN/Telephony Numbering Plan (E.164/E.163) (1)

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