TDM400P (TDM01B), Festival, Music on hold, noise


I’ve got asterisk running with the above card and can answer and make calls through it without any noise/click/echo problems. I have setup festival and music on hold (native) and when I use these through internal SIP phones, they work as you would expect.

However if I use either festival, or music on hold, with an incomming call through the digium FXO card, all the caller hears is noise. Is there something obvious that I might be missing?


Or perhaps a non obivous thing that I could be missing :wink:

Seriously though I am a newbie here so if I am doing something dumb please excuse me. I could post my config files but I feel that whatever the problem is, it isn’t an obvious item in the regular config stuff, as MOH and Festival are working fine for the SIP extensions and the FXO card is working fine handling regular calls. It’s simply the combination of an incoming call, and MOH / Festival, that is not working. Of course Newbie, and assuming I have the basic stuff correct, is a dangerous combination.

Any suggestions on things to try, gratefully received.