TDM400P - no dail tone

I have bough TDM400P Wildcard and I have installed Asterisk on Red Hat. I have configured several basic configuration files (extensions.conf, iax.conf, modfem.conf, modules.conf, phone.conf, sip.conf, zapata.conf and zaptel.conf). When I run asterisk and pick up telephone line that is plugged in Channel 1 (FXS channel with FXO signaling), I don’t hear any dial tone. Asterisk (in CLI) doesn’t show any information that I have picked up my telephone.

Is the hardware error or I need to configure something else?

Thank you!

from experience with asterisk@home you will need to start the zapata service itself… :smiley:

Thank you!
Can you give me a hint how to do that?


It was hardware error - I’m not sure was it telephone or cabel.