TDM400P audio issues in australia


I have a CentOS 5.2 box running asterisk and zaptel 1.420-1. I have a TDM400P PCI card with 1x FXS and 1x FXO. I have the system configured in such a way that I can call from the FXS port to the FXO which is plugged into my POTS from Telstra from provider. I also have a VOIP account using SIP and connect to CNET (collectors network) with IAX2 and SIP.

My issue I have noticed is when talking to some parties (generally through the FXO port) the line goes quiet and then comes back to normal and then goes quiet again. I am not sure why this happening and it is frustrating me somwhat.

I wonder if the problem that I have is getting the zap drivers to set the card to australia mode. I have setup the /etc/modprobe.d/zaptel file to specify “options wctdm opermode=AUSTRALIA” but when I run ztcfg -vv and look at the ports I have kewlstart configured on the ports but no AUSTRALIA.

In zaptel.conf I have configured loadzone=au and defaultzone=au and fsoks=1 and fsxks=2.

In the zapata.conf file in the asterisk directory I have setup normal line options but nothing seems related to Australia.

Anyone seen this before or can suggest something for me to try. I would greatly appreciate it.




Any ideas?



Do you still have the problem?

If you are unsure whether the opermode is being applied then you can find out by stopping zaptel and then do: -

this should show you the actual parameters it loads.