t38 invites

I have a sip network setup of:


Openser does nothing but route packets to and from the asterisk(s) and the gateway.

I am having an issue now where once asterisk (tried on and (as well as callweaver 1.2.1)) detects fax it sends the T38 SIP/SDP packet directly to the gateway instead of through openser. The gateway then responds normally but sends it to openser. Openser then gets this random 200 OK packet but doesn’t see any prior communications and doesn’t forward it saying “ERROR:forward_reply: no 2nd via found in reply”. When the RTP session is setup and torn down asterisk operates normally sending the packets through openser, so why then does it try to talk directly with the gateway for t38? What I need in order to fix this I believe is to get asterisk talking to openser at ALL times. I have tried canreinvite=no to no avail.