T.38 fax fails on version 16.16

If anyone can help I’d greatly appreciate.
On version 16.5.1 I’m able to fax out with t.38 using the sendfax app with no issues but after upgrading to 16.16 I’m unable to.
It tries sending but fails every time within around 10-20 seconds.
The image resolution as per fax show seasons stay on 0x0.
I’ve also tried the latest version of 18.2.2 and have the same problem.
I read an earlier post about it possibly being a bug and was hoping it would be fixed by now , but it seems not to be.

Is there a t.38 setting I now need to configure ?
By the way , if I disable t.38 and just used g711, it will work.


there is a patch will be in the next asterisk update see link
core_unreal: Fix T.38 faxing when using local channels. (Id103cc5c) · Gerrit Code Review (asterisk.org)

Thanks for the response.
But I wasn’t able to view the link

The link works for me, even as private browsing, so I appear not logged in.

Thanks I’ll check again.
I read up on the topic and it seems this is the exact problem I’m having.
Do you know which version of asterisk would have this patch included ?
Also , How can I install it manually ?

Thanks a lot

The patch was merged mid February. According to the associated issue it is not in any release yet. Due to timing it apparently just missed being included in Asterisk 16.16. It should be in Asterisk 16.17 when that version gets released.

You can download the patch from gerrit using link that was provided earlier.
Apply the patch when in the asterisk source root directory and recompile asterisk:
patch -p1 -i patch-filename.patch

That’s great news !
Thanks for letting me know.
I’ll try to test out the patch too and get back to you

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