Switching VOIP provider, having trouble with extensions


I’m about to switch VOIP provider, and I have configured a test account in order to test that it will work properly.


However, at my current configuration, working just fine with my current VOIP provider I have the register line:


I added the /DID in the end of my new register, because if it’s not there I get the following error:

Call from ‘XXX’ to extension ‘s’ rejected because extension not found.

My question is then, why does it work without /DID at the end of my current register, but not at my new register?

I’m asking because it’s a numberrange I’m using(XX XX XX 10 to XX XX XX 19), and they are all differently configured depending on which number is called. And I want it to keep working the same way.


exten => XXXXXX12,1,Goto(512,1)
exten => 512,1,Answer
exten => 512,2,Set(CALLERID(name)=Direkte)
exten => 512,3,Ringing
exten => 512,4,Macro(Hidden)

exten => XXXXXX13,1,Answer
exten => XXXXXX13,2,Dial(SIP/XXXXXXXX@HOST,40,r)

Just as an example, and it currently works. But I’m afraid that it wont when my numbers have been ported to the new VOIP provider.

Any input would be grealy appreciated,

Kinds regards.