Support for Jingle in Asterisk

As per this blog ( ) from Tom Keating, Asterisk developers are working to add support for Jingle.

I was wondering if someone knew the details about this implementation. Jingle is still pretty simple in capabilities compared to SIP. The equivalent of re-Inviting an endpoint and connecting them to someone (or something) else is not fully fleshed out yet ( I believe that would be done using the ‘modify’ action but support for that is supposed to be optional (
So my question is - would Asterisk take care of the scenario where a SIP client sends a re-invite to an XMPP client by internally handling the reinvite in its SIP/XMPP gateway ? Of course, this would require the RTP to flow through this gateway at all times so it could do something like this without the XMPP client becoming aware of the reinvite.

Good question, how does Asterisk handle this now with H323, SCCP, Zap, etc? I would imagine it is catching the re-invite and continuing to relay and would do the same with Jingle.