Suggestion on 'hangup request' command

Hi Team,

Configuration :
Asterisk version :
Dahdi version :

There is requirement in my project to hangup inbound call in certain cases, For that I have made php script that runs every second and hangup a call if it matchs the condition.
For hangup channel i use below syntax :

echo system(“asterisk -rx ‘hangup requst $channel’”).

It is working fine if i run script from Terminal .

When i add script in cronjob at that time script is running fine but echo system(“asterisk -rx ‘hangup requst $channel’”). command does not execute.

Please suggest how to execute above command from cronjob

No teams here. This is a peer support forum.

Whilst I’m not convinced there will be any interest unless you provide a patch yourself, this should go on the developer mailing list. There isn’t a team there, either.

You should use the complete path to the asterisk binary, like:
echo system("/usr/sbin/asterisk -rx ‘hangup requst $channel’")