Sudden Changes on the CDR on Asterisk 1.4.5

Hi I was trying to execute an auto dial out:

here it is:

channel: Local/2001@phoneblast
maxretries: 1
retrytime: 60
waittime: 60
callerid: “Phone Blast” <877>
context: phoneblast
extension: blastagi
priority: 1

The call went through yet there was a change on the CDR on version 1.4.2

this is the CDR Log:

12  	   	[b]877  	blastagi [/b] 	phoneblast  	"'Phone Blast'" <877>  	Local/2001@phoneblast-dea5,1  	   	Hangup  	   	2007-06-14 19:28:0

the dst (extension destination here is blastagi ) yet on the new version of asterisk 1.4.5 this appeared on the log:

1 877 s default 877 IAX2/MdPhil-1 2007-06-20 04:20:02 19 11 ANSWERED

Can Somebody help me out why this happens and how to fix this or are there changes done on the asterisk?

Thank you so much…

I would like to confirm the same behaviour here.
After upgrade from 1.4.4 to 1.4.5 the dst field in the CDR
is not acurate in every call.

As far as I ca tell the problem only occurs when I call the Dial() application from within a macro.

  1. Working case
context fromsip {
 _9XXXXXX => 

This piece of code is fine and DOES set the dst field as ${EXTEN}

  1. Bad case
macro ExternalCall(remote) {

context fromsip {
 _9XXXXXX => 

This results in dst field in the CDR as being set to “s” instead as the called number as it was in 1.4.4
Is this a feature or a bug in the new CDR design ?
If it is a targeted behaviour - is there a way to set the dst field back to the called number ?

P.S. I use mysql CDR logging.

Thank you in advance