Study Info for dCAA

I’m interested in achieving the dCAA certification as a way of getting up to speed with Asterisk systems. Although I’m new to Asterisk I’m not new to ether VoiP or Linux having worked in the industry for a number of years.

I would much prefer to achieve dCAA through self study but the only suggestion given on the Digium web site is the attend one of the 3 day courses.

Is there any more detail published on the areas required to pass the exam, as the detail under dCAA and the Fast Start causes only gives a very brief overview :question:


I don’t want to plug a specific vendor so do a web search for “Configuration Guide for Asterisk PBX”

The author shares his knowledge of the material needed for the dCAA, and it looks to be a decent book. You may be able to find it for free as a .pdf but I purchased a used hard copy.

Hope this helps!

I have been using two books “Asterisk The Definitive Guide” and “Asterisk The Future of Telephony”. Both these books have been very helpful in the setup of Asterisk, but I am unsure with the test. I have setup Asterisk on Ubuntu and CentOS and they walked me right through from downloading everything in Linux to creating a working dial plan. I am not trying to sell these books or say these are the only two anyone should buy, but worked very well for me being a noob in Linux and Asterisk.