Stuck at hello world (No application 'Playback' for extension"

System: Debian
Install routine: apt
Version: Asterisk 16.2.1

Beginner question: I have installed asterisk, now I am already stuck at the hello world.
I get

No application 'Playback' for extension


debian-simon*CLI> core show applications

does not list the application. Can someone tell me how to install it please?

The dialplan application is part of the module. The Asterisk project doesn’t maintain the Debian packages, so I’m not certain of what exactly needs to be installed/how they are built.

if you can compile source, you can install asterisk from source!!

Yes I know, I can compile it from source, but this might bringt me to the dependancy hell.

Isn’t there a chance to install applications or the module after having compiled asterisk? I mean it should be able to install modules afterwards.

Modules are built when Asterisk is built, unless they are third party external modules. I would expect to be built by the packager as it is part of core. I don’t have any experience using the packages though, and don’t know even what configuration it includes.

Have you enabled all modules at conf?

Have you enabled all modules at conf?

Thank you! That was the thing. In modules.conf I had to un-comment the part for playback, thats it.
Sorry for the inconvenience, I am an absolute beginner with asterisk.

Here is the debugging from now:

debian-simon*CLI> console dial 1001
    -- Executing [1001@default:1] Answer("Console/default", "") in new stack
  --- <("<) --- Call from Console has been Answered --- (>")> ---
    -- Executing [1001@default:2] Playback("Console/default", "hello-world") in                                   new stack
    -- <Console/default> Playing 'hello-world.gsm' (language 'en')
    -- Executing [1001@default:3] Hangup("Console/default", "") in new stack
  == Spawn extension (default, 1001, 3) exited non-zero on 'Console/default'
  --- <("<) --- Hangup on Console --- (>")> ---

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