Streamlining Call Management: Creating External Media Channels and Bridges

In my project, upon receiving an inbound call, I’ll establish an external media channel and a snoopChannel, along with an external media bridge.

I’m seeking a solution to efficiently store the IDs of these channels and bridges for easy access. For instance, when setting up an external media bridge, I’ll require quick access to both the external media channel ID and the snoop channel ID.

My project is using ARI, thanks

Why don’t you just store them in your ARI application using any of the methods that the programming language provides. What exactly are you seeking beyond that?

In my design, every channel have thier own endpoint (ARI app). extChannel running with externalMedia.js, snoopChannel running with snoop.js

For example, I need to create a brige in snoop.js, and add both extChannel and snoopChannel into it. However they are different program, thats mean I need a method to pass the extChannel ID to snoop.js

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