Strange problems since 1.2 upgrade


I am seeing several new problems I never had with 1.0.9:

  1. Sometimes I dial a number from a SIP ohone, then hangup before the call/dial is completed. The SIP connection however is not terminated, the call is not hungup. This then leads to continuously ringing phones until I soft hangup the call manually. This particularly happens when calling from a fritz box fon but not always.

  2. All incoming calls seem to work fine but the CDRs show Disposition failed. Outgoing calls work fine.

  3. I had an incoming voice that was connected to my voicebox. The caller spoke for about 50 seconds (which the resulting e-mail showed correctly) but the voicemail itself was gone (66Byte long and not playable via E-Mail or Voicemail system).

  4. My fritzbox fon suddenly looses the ability to connect calls. I can dial but once Asterisk tries to connect the channels the fritzbox simply looses its connection. After a fritzbox reboot everything is back to normal. Other VoIP providers on the fritzbox work flawlessly even if the Asterisk is not able to connect a call.

This all started the minute we switched to 1.2 so this seems to be the link. Question: What is the best practice to debug this stuff and where can I report these bugs and more importantly where can I look if other people reported similar bugs?