Storing Asterisk Verbose


The company I work for operates multi-tenancy VoIP server using Asterisk as the backbone.
So far, if there were any call routing or dialplan issues, we need server engineers to log into the necessary server and examine the verbose logs.

My boss has asked me to export those verbose logs, split them up and store them against each individial phone call.

What’s the easiest way to match up CDRs against Asterisk’s Verbose output file?
Is there any way to get Asteirsk to do this automatically? A log file for each call containing the Asterisk verbose?

Many thanks!

My boss claims to have seen another solution that uses Asterisk as a backend and claims that staff can easily view verbose logs for each call.

I’ve just checked the name and he mentioned Callweaver. He showed me a screenshot he was sent and it looks exactly like Asterisk verbose, but with an option to filter for a specific call, just by selecting one from a list of phone calls.

I wonder if I can maybe store the thread number?
For example…
[Dec 11 12:32:48] VERBOSE[29831][C-0000310e] app_dial.c: Nobody picked up in 20000 ms
Is there any way to access the variable that contains 29831 during the dialplan so it can be stored in a userfield in the CDR database?

The value to the right of that is a per call identifier[1] and is using on the CHANNEL dialplan function[2].

[1] Call Identifier Logging - Asterisk Documentation
[2] CHANNEL - Asterisk Documentation

That’s amazing!
I’ll write something to store that call id in the CDR and then something to parse the logs and extract the data.
That’s so much!!

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