Stopping Native Bridge for calls to individual numbers simultaneously

I am able to make outbound calls to single phone numbers using single ports in Dinstar SIM bank.
But when I call two numbers using Dial command, the calls get bridged when any of the receiver picks the call and the other call get disconnected automatically.

Google search say to put the below in SIP.conf
canreinvite = no
notransfer = yes

Google serach suggest to put Tt as an option for Dial()
Google search say to put the below in EXTENSIONS.conf
Dial(SIP/gsm0/8xxxxxx&SIP/gsm1/89xxxxx, 40, Tt)

I tried both, but I am still clueless as nothing works.

How to make 4 outgoing calls simultaneously to 4 different destination phone numbers and play an audio file to them, WITHOUT GETTING BRIDGED or
Disconnected when one destination phone numbers picks the call.

Or is there other way in Asterisk to avoid the NATIVE BRIDGED. Because I want to play audio file and get DTMF from every phone number I am dialing.

It will be of immense help if any expert reply on this.

The safest way is with Originate, called four times. You could also try Page, but that tends to assume local devices that can be commanded to autoanswer.

Note that caanreinvite is an obsolete synonym for directmedia, and notransfer has never existed.

The T and t options on Dial seem to serve no useful purpose, here.

Thank you for the reply David.

I tried the command for single call to single phone number as below:

“originate SIP/gsm0/89xxxxxxxx extension 1234@test”

Now how do I write or modify the command for 2 simultaneous calls in this so that call do not get bridged after one recipient picks the call.

Kindly suggest me the help.

Thanks in advance.


Why does it matter that they don’t get the announcement at exactly the same time?

Sounds like you want to make silent calls to the other parties, waiting for the last one to answer.

Page is the nearest one, but I don’t know how that behaves if the callees don’t answer immediately.

I have 4 SIMs in DINSTAR and want to make outbound calls keeping no SIM sit idle. So searching for a way for simultaneous calls keeping all SIMs in use. I think I explain on why I need help on this.

Will see using page. But if you get some clue from my answer about, why I need this, additional suggestions from your end will be highly appreciated.

They will sit, effectively, idle, if you insist on waiting for all the calls to be answered before starting the playback You probably want to use call files, if what you are acutally trying to do is make much m ore than four calls efficiently.

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