Stop recording on add new channel to bridge

i get the incoming call, then create a bridge and add incoming channel to that bridge and started recording on that bridge,

format: “wav”,
name: file
}, function (err, recording) {
log_errors(“start_call_recording”, err);
recording.on(“RecordingFinished”, this.move_recording);

move_recording = async (event, recording) => {
console.log(‘move_recording event>>>’,event);
let file =;

But after this getting RecordingFinished event at any time.
but i need after a call disconnect.

I don’t understand the question or issue. Recording should continue until either you stop it, or the bridge is terminated.

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hello jcolp, thanks for your attention.
i didn’t call stop() from anywhere and bridge is also not terminate but i guest the situation whenever i will try to add new channel to bridge then that bridge’s recording will be stopped and i get the RecordingFinished event.
can u suggest anything in this.
thanks for advance.

I would suggest actually providing a complete trace of events and HTTP requests/responses.

actually sorry jcolp, i’m unable to do that can u refer me any suitable example or document for this case. using ARI

No. I can’t remember any issues for such a thing, and don’t recall of anyone mentioning it. I don’t have an example.

Why start recording when a channel gets added to the bridge?

Why not start recording when the bridge is created, and stop when it is
destroyed, no matter what channels join or leave in the meantime?


still getting stop on add channel in bridge, thanks for your efforts Antony.

I’m getting this warning in asterisk logs at the same time when i get RecordingFinish event, if anyone have a idea about this then please share.

app.c:1941 __ast_play_and_record: No audio available on Recorder/ARI-

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