Stop direct IP access, reg via FQDN only

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Using Asterisk 16.11.1 (with pjsip) and just wondered if there is a way to stop direct access via the servers IP address and force registration to happen via FQDN only.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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That’s not really something you can do, as a FQDN is resolved to an IP address in order to reach a server.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Keep IP range scanners from finding your server? Maybe a iptables ‘white list’ or fail2ban would be of use?

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thanks for replying so soon :slight_smile:

Should of explained the setup. Am trying to stop a reg happening via IP because i have 2 identical asterisk servers in a failover setup on different public IP address’s. I only want a reg to happen via the FQDN, I don’t want the secondary backup server being used. The FQDN will automatically point to the secondary server when the primary is offline.

I believe this can be done with http with a proxy just wondering if asterisk can do it with SIP -

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As theoretically pjsip support multidomain, if your endpoint is 1000 and your domain is in a endpoint type block:


With this change, the users can register only over your domain.

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Could you elaborate more or show an example of how this would be written in a pjsip.conf file? it would much appreciated as this issue is something i’ve been trying to solve for a while.

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Somethink Like:




This configuration had a BUG:

The last time I tried it on the latest Asterisk 16 version, works.

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