Status unknown

I have an clean trixbox instalation here and my SIP extensions are configured with “qualify=yes” but I keep getting STATUS Unknown instead of OFFLINE or anyother one… So when I try to use HUDLite it shows my extensions like they were online because it doesn´t recognizes the UNKNOWN status.
What should I doing wrong?
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maybe your UAs don’t know what to do with the request from Asterisk. what phones are they ?

They are X-lite softphones.
Is that a problem? It could be a configuration? Like a forced unregistration?
I’m really trying to use HUDLite here on my server.
But I just CAN’T do it work all right. I have two problems but just one is more “prblematic”, is the UNAVAIBLE status thats is never showing on HUD extensions. I’ve already configured each extension with qualify=yes but asteris keeps telling that the user status is UNKNOWN. When I’m talking to someone internal it turns to purple, and when is xternal it truns to green. When is from a queue is not turning into orange but is turning into green so that is OK for me. The problem is just that when an extension is NOT logged it keep showing the blue icon. Can I just change HUDLiete SERVER to pick the UNKNOWN information on asterisk and use it to change to gray (UNAVAIABLE)? This is just what is missing to me to convence my administrative guys to buy the idea of an IPBX instead our convencional PABX. PLEASE HELP ME HERE!!!

look at it this way. if the UA is not talking to Asterisk 'cos it’s not running, then a status of UNKNOWN is perfectly logical. Asterisk doesn’t know what the status is.

have you posted this query to the hudlite forums ? i’m sure the developers would be happy to consider a change, so that your request could be included.

i don’t think you’ll get to look at the source as it’s a closed project.

OK, I will try with them. But anyway, witch softphone does this Aserisk “job” without problems? Is there one for winodw e linux?

i’m not convinced it’s a softphone issue. if the problem only shows when the UA is offline then it’s down to Asterisk and HUDLite to get it right.


taking a close look at the logs I saw that is an AsterisxHUDLite problem.

Thanks fo your help.