Status: Provisioned, Down, Active

I have an Asterisk box (trixbox 2.0), with a Digium Wildcard TE110P T1/E1 Card. It’s linked by an E1 cross cable to a Cisco 1760, with a VWIC-MFT-E1 card (that acts as the network side) that acts as a H323 gateway for a CallManager.

Yesterday, running AsteriskNOW (Asterisk 1.4beta) on the same machine, everything went smoothly, calls between the two systems were ok. However, wanting to check out the spandsp apps, I tried installing a trixbox 2.0 (that runs Asterisk 1.2.13), and now the E1 does not work anymore.

From the Cisco’s side everything looks fine. (Controller up, etc)

On lower levels zaptel tells it’s OK as well. But calls do not get through, and the only thing I’ve noticed appears at:
pri show span 1
that says:

[code]asterisk1*CLI> pri show span 1
Primary D-channel: 16
Status: Provisioned, Down, Active
Switchtype: EuroISDN
Type: CPE
Window Length: 0/7
Sentrej: 0
SolicitFbit: 0
Retrans: 0
Busy: 0
Overlap Dial: 0
T200 Timer: 1000
T203 Timer: 10000
T305 Timer: 30000
T308 Timer: 4000
T313 Timer: 4000
N200 Counter: 3


Any ideas would be appreciated.[/code]

Check with the service provider if the line is through till your premisises. Check if the signalling used at the telco provider end and the one you have configured is the same.pbly you need to configure it for R2/MFC. Looking into these issues should resolve you problem

I don’t wanna sound rude, but you should really read the posts you’re answering to.

I don’t have a"provider". I have a direct link in a lab environment between a Cisco router (also controlled by me) and the Asterisk, on a cross E1 cable.

And the settings match.

Anyway, a different installation of Asterisk fixed the issue.