Stasis app not registered

Hi ,I keep getting stasis app not registered just recently .im not sure if it’s due to a system update, I added another stasis app to my extension.conf, did a ari show apps on cli,nothimg appears , reloaded my dialplan but still same exception. I have also done a core reload . Nothing seems to happening. anyone?

Stasis apps are “registered” by the external application connecting to Asterisk. You’d have to check whatever that may be.

Thanks @jcolp,I’m actually calling from a sip phone into my dialplan , in the logs I’m seeing the the extension 1000 is answered , upon entering the stasis application it throws an error saying application not registered, it had always worked . In between , are ari apps configured elsewhere apart from the extensions.conf ?.i started to understand and get a hang of Ari and am currently building an app in to asterisk ari only for this to happen. It’s really a pain .

The user is configured in ari.conf but that’s it. The message means the outside application is not running or connected to Asterisk. There’s nothing else for configuration in Asterisk for it.

Okay @jcolp, my setup is simple,I have a sip user in sip.conf, this sip phone is a soft phone like linphone on computer, attached to an context [default], my context default is where I define my stasis application. There is no outside communication, it’s internal, so naturally dialling extension 1000 with the sip phone into the statis app naturally answers the call . And the error happens. It’s not an originate issue from an external caller, it’s within my system this is happening unfortunately. See

I’m not really sure what else to say - the message is output when the application is not connected to Asterisk. Those don’t run in Asterisk and aren’t configured in it. Stasis() just hands over control if it is connected. If it isn’t then you get the message you see. The fact the call came in over SIP and that doesn’t matter.

What Josh is indicating is you need to check your Stasis application, not asterisk itself.

Make certain the application is running and that is connected to Asterisk, check it’s relevant logs.

It doesn’t matter how the call gets to asterisk, or what’s in your sip.conf.

The issue has been resolved @jcolp , now the answer makes my question seem very dumb. The statis app get registered only when subscribed to the events from the web socket. I had to read the documentation properly again.