Starting asterisk as a service

How can I start asterisk as a service.
I want to be able to make calls through my asterisk box without of to log in to linux or without of to type the following commands at the promp

  1. modprobe zaptel
  2. modprobe wcfxs
  3. asterisk -vvvvc

I want asterisk to start automatically.
Can any one help.

What do you mean “as a service”? You don’t seem to be running Windows? If you are using one of distributions that use /etc/rc.d/init.d/, try make config in Asterisk to install some RC files and hope they work. If not, create your own RC file in appropriate directories. Generally speaking, you should not have to modprobe manually if you have installed zaptel correctly.

in both Asterisk and Zaptel source directories, “make config” will install the appropriate init scripts to be able to run them “as a service”. then you just need to configure them with chkconfig