Spoofing caller ID

Hello friends,

i want to ask is there any program or gateway to detect and mitigate spoofing caller ID

Asterisk can access all the information that is available.

You probably want a direct ISDN connection, as intermediate ITSPs may lose the setting of the “unscreened” flag.

hello david55 actually i want to detect if i faced called id spoofing on my system and how to prevent it… using Centos 7.0 and asterisk system…

If the unscreened flag is being presented correctly, not having it set means the caller ID is valid. Having it set means it may be invalid, but may be valid.

However, as noted, unless you have a direct ISDN connection, it is unlikely that you can rely on this, even to the above extent.

Chances are that there is no way.

Dear mr. David ,

could you tell me how can i unregister an extension through command ?

like > unregister ‘extension number ex 1000’

Only devices can be registered. This seems to be unrelated to the original subject.

It is so long since I manipulated the dialplan from the CLI that I forget the details, but it should be obvious from “core show applications”, although I’m not sure if you can remove priorities added by non-CLI means.

You can send a deregister request with ‘sip unregister peername’

You can remove an extension with ‘dialplan remove extension EXTENSION@CONTEXT’

You can remove a priority of an extension with ‘dialplan remove extension EXTENSION@CONTEXT PRIORITY’

You will need to do an dialplan save to save your changes afterwords unless you just need it for temporary testing.

Be warned that dialplan save will rewrite your extensions and change your whitespace and remove comments I believe last I tried.

thak you for your reply… but please could you send to me the full command…
assume the extension is 1000

You haven’t provided enough information

Also, in general, people are reluctant to provide that much detail as it crosses the line from peer support to free consultancy.

Dear sir, when i use dialplan remove extension extension @context is show that the extensions deleted but when i want to save the dialplan through dialplan save it give me an eeror
’i cannot save the dialplan now, see , extensions.conf , example file command “dialplan save” failed

hope to get solution from you

Did you read your extensions.conf?

Have you adjusted the static and writeprotect settings in it?

; if static=yes and writeprotect=no, you can save dialplan by
; CLI command "dialplan save" too

yes , even i added the static = yes and writeprotect=no to my extension.conf file

but still cannot save the remove to my extension file