Speex preprocessor and disconnection from Asterisk

Hi there,

I am really interested in trying speex as my codec since I think it works best with my SIP clients (SIP Communicator).

And I want to increase the voice quality of it by using Preprocessor in Speex. That is, by setting ‘preprocess’ field to ‘true’ in codecs.conf.

Yes, I installed the latest version of Speex in my computer. That is, when I type ‘speexenc --version’ in the terminal, it shows that I am using version 1.2-beta2.

Here comes the problem.

After I set ‘preprocess’ field to ‘true’, and reload codec_speex.so, everytime I place a call, then I lost connection with Asterisk server as the first sound gets into the phone, whether it be my voice, or the background voice (maybe the ‘meow’ of your cat, back there).

Any voice detected by the phone, Asterisk connection is gone! And I’ll see the disturbing message:
“Disconnected from Asterisk server
Executing last minute cleanups”

So, anyone knows what’s the problem and workaround for this ?

Your help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.