Some inbound calls fails

FreePBX (Asterisk 16.9.0)
I made sure it has all of the latest modules and system updates
Provider: Flowroute
I have been an asterisk user for 20+ years, for a small business
I have one trunk line, 2 DID’s
I don’t experience problems with outbound calls
Most inbound calls work
I am having troubles with some inbound calls, I can reproduce it by calling from a Comcast VoIP phone

I get one of four responses. In all cases the caller will get 10-30 seconds of initial silence. Normal calls do not get the initial silence.

  1. The caller will get silence, then call just drops. Nothing shows in pjsip history or asterisk logs
  2. The caller will get silence, the caller gets a 1-4 rings, then the call is dropped. Nothing shows in pjsip history or asterisk logs
  3. The caller will get silence, the call will go through, I will get one or two rings, but in the pjsip history, it shows as call terminated
  4. The caller will get silence, the call will go through, I can answer the call and have a normal phone conversation.

This behavior can also be reproduced using a FreedomPop cell, that places calls over SIP.

I believe, that it is just taking too long for the call to get established from the provider. This is evident in that the callers hear a long silence while the call is being setup. This doesn’t happen with calls that go through. But Comcast and Flowroute should have the capacity, and it appears to consistent, even off hours.

I also don’t believe it is my configuration and outbound works great and most inbound works great.

Also, I many of the case, I get no entries in my asterisk logs, so it would appear to be taking too long to set up the call. Which would point to the provider, Flowroute.

I am thinking of getting a second SIP Provider to test this out.

The only unusual activity are a series of PJSIP entries

00036 1587331773 * ==> OPTIONS SIP/2.0
00037 1587331773 * <== SIP/2.0 404 Not Found
00038 1587331795 * <== OPTIONS sip:s@:5060;line=xjrbmil SIP/2.0
00039 1587331795 * ==> SIP/2.0 200 OK

It is always in a pair, OPTIONS Sent, I receive back 404, OPTIONS received, I respond back 200

I assume this is just my setup asking if it is still their. It doesn’t interfere with getting calls from other providers.

Has anyone else seen similar problems with some inbound calls?
Suggestions on who to use as an alternate SIP Trunk provider that I can use as a test, possible as a backup in the future.
Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot next?

If you restart Asterisk, and then make a test call in right away over Comcast, does it work ?

Thanks for the suggestion.

I restarting asterisk and then immediately made three test calls, with no changes. The first and third ended the 1st response above, the 2nd ended with the 2nd response above.

The comcast client, has no troubles calling other numbers. I also called my inbound DID using a cell phone and it went right through.

Since I posted the message, I created an account with CallCentric, I can send and receive calls without problems. Which pointed to a problem with Flowroute.

Using the flowroute management interface, I then forwarded my inbound DID calls to my cell phone. The call would fail without being connected. By forwarding the calls at the Sip Provider level, it would bypass my configuration. Further confirming the problem is with Flowroute.

I have been with them for 8 years and hate to have to switch, but looks like I might have too.

CallCentric is almost twice as expensive for outbound calls, $0.0198 vs $0.0098 and slight more on inbound calls.

Any suggestions on a low cost SIP provider?

I use Flowroute for outbound without complaints.

I’ve used since they were My needs are small, but I’ve always found them responsive and reliable. I think their support is only by ticket now – unlike the early days when you’d call, explain your issue, and the guy who answered would clickety-clack on the keyboard for a minute and your issue would be resolved :smiley:

Their rates seem reasonable to me. US$1.49/month for a DID, US$0.012/min inbound, and $0.0139/min domestic outbound. I don’t know volume rates.

I don’t work for them, nor receive any compensation, and no electrons were harmed while typing this reply. So there.

Outbound with flowroute will be what I will go with. It is a shame that flowroute’s inbound service has become unreliable.

But, I need to find a more reliable inbound route. Thanks for pointing me to Vitelity, I will check it out. No referral fee will be paid :slight_smile:

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