Some application Dial aspects. Need some help a little :)

Hello, colleges.

I try to do “backgrounded dial” macro.
I have one SIP-phone connected to asterisk and gateway to PSTN connected to asterisk via SIP too. I need feature like this:

  1. Operator on the SIP-phone call to number XXXXX on the first line (goto some macro).
  2. Operator can select second line, hold first line or hangup.
  3. When dialed number goes to state “Link/Connected” it must to ring (call) back to operator with CallerID=XXXXX.

Please, give me some ideas to do it. :smile: Thank you, very much.

The PSTN will not notify the SIP gateway that a call has been answered.

You would have to use some sort of speech recognition application on the Asterisk system to listen for a human voice.

This is not something you can do with the dial plan. This is much more than you can do with a macro.

This can be done with either a call file or the AMI.

Both of these will only start the second leg of the call when the first leg has answered. I’m not really going into any more detail as its a powerdialer that the OP wants to make and I don’t like with powerdialers.

Thanks. I found the solution. May be my English is not very well. I do not need the strange PSTN feature :smile:

Solution is simple:

  1. Receive a call from calling-party.
  2. Read real number to dial.
  3. Originate call to real number with parameters:
    context: call_back_to_operator
    extension: calling_party_id
  4. that’s all :smile:

Technical details to do it - my problem. I need idea - I got it. Thanks.