[SOLVED] System() fails to execute?

Okay folks, let’s try this one:

exten => 301,1,Background(/mnt/vm/outgoing/xt/xt301)
exten => 301,2,Record(/mnt/vm/incoming/xt/record301:wav)
exten => 301,3,Wait(1)
exten => 301,4,Playback(/mnt/vm/outgoing/005-1)
exten => 301,5,System(/mnt/vm/incoming/xt/vmsend.sh “record301” "user@mydomain.com")
exten => 301,6,Hangup()

All vmsend.sh does is email the resulting record301.wav to user@mydomain.com

Trouble is, it never executes the script. Script works fine by hand, and the permissions are right. It just never runs.

Any ideas? Thanks!

The lame library wasn’t installed on my asterisk server. :smile:


does this mean it’s a test ? or are you asking a question?

I’m guessing it’s a question even though it an odd phrase asking for help

when you run the script manually you do su to the user that asterisk is running as ?

also are you using the full paths in the script?

these are the normal problems when a script doesn’t run

Sorry, I’m not fully awake yet. :smile:

Paths are correct in the script.

And yes, they’re both running as the same user. The script just never executes.