Solved - Noise


i installed asterisk on my debian machine. i have also installed a TE110P.
I configured asterisk, i can receive extenal call, i can make calls, i can use softphone on my local network. OK but, phoning, i hear a noise.
Anyone can help me? how i can reduce the noise? it’s an asterisk configuration problem? the problem is in my machine? the hardware is very simple… i have a single processor with 1G ram.



you need to provide a bit more detail … when do you get this noise ? does it happen on calls between internal phones ? calls to external numbers ? is there noise if you call an Asterisk-based application (e.g. Echo()) ? describe the noise too.


i think that the problem is my sound card… using x-lite on my pc i hear noise but using x-lite on each other pc on my lan, the signal is perfect.
Thank you for your help.