[Solved]New Asterisk ISDN Problem to Audiocodes TP16SB

Using asterisk@home, seems that asterisk@home assumes g0 on the 1st trunk, g0 is not valid for zap, g1 is the right trunk.

Being new to Asterisk, 3 days now, I am sure this is a newby problem.

Asterisk 1.0.9
zaptel 0.1.6
Digium T100P

I am using a Digium T100P attempting connection to an Audiocodes TrunkPack 16 using PRI for PSTN in/out connection.

zap seems to see the card, configures it with the D-Channel on time slot 24 and all channels are configured using;
zttool shows everything as expected. Physical link is green, however, the indicators from the TP16SB (master) side show an orange alarm, all circuits are busy both inbound and outbound, which is no surprise since there is an alarm. I have tried many of the switch types in zapata.conf, matching them on the TP16SB. Seems I can not find a compatable setting or I have missed something.

Two questions;

Should these alarms be gone before attempting further configuration of Astersik zapata.conf?

Has anyone connected to Audiocodes Mediagateway TP16SB?

Thanks for any suggestions.