[solved] keys and 1.8

Short version: How do I initialize (and show) rsa keys in Asterisk 1.8?

Details: I’m attempting to configure an IAX2 trunk between 2 boxes using rsa authentication. One of the boxes is running Asterisk 1.6 and the other 1.8. On both boxes I used astkeygen with a passphrase to create a keyset. On the Asterisk 1.6 box I used ‘show keys’ and ‘init keys’ from the cli to load and check the key. I attempted to do the same thing on the Asterisk 1.8 machine and was told no such command.

Do you have the crypto module loaded?

module show like crypto



Module Description Use Count
res_crypto.so Cryptographic Digital Signatures 0
1 modules loaded

Thanks Ian!
Your post started me on a path of scouring the net for res_crypto.so and I eventually found the solution:

I had to do ‘module reload res_crypto.so’ and then ‘keys show’ and ‘keys init’ would function. This kind of worries me what is going to happen if the system experiences a shutdown/reboot. Guess I’ll add testing that to my to-do list.

There’s something weird going on if that’s the case…