[solved] Hear ringing the entire call

fatal flaw in 1.6, upgraded to 1.8 and good

Reports are coming in of people hearing ringing throughout the conversation.

The external caller does not hear it.

Both inbound and outbound.


polycom 550 phones, 3.2 sip firmware

Do you mean ringback?

This doens’t make sense, as there is no facility in Asterisk to mix audio, except in conference applications. Also, in a properly configured, pure SIP, system, Asterisk should never have to generate ringback, as that should be done by the SIP phones themselves.


this has been addressed in the following Polycom Firmware release:

SIP 3.2.6, UCS 3.3.2 (UCS 3.3.3 is currently the latest) and UCS 4.0.0

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Steffen Baier