[SOLVED] D80 fw 1.6.2 times out contacting DPMA 3.4.3; cidr= not helping

This D80 (fw 1.6.2) lists the server but does not connect to it, another one with fw 1.8.2 does fine. DPMA is 13.0_3.4.3.

Tried to provide cidr= to no avail. Also ,tcpdump on the server stays mute during the phones connection attempt.

Without a connection, the firmware can not be updated. What can be done?


There’s an alternate method of firmware installation on the phone, that was added in the 1_4_1 release. Visit http://[ip of phone]/firmware and you can login using the username admin and the phone’s UI password (defaults to 789). This requires that the server not be enforcing a firmware.

Hi Malcolm,
disconnected the server running DPMA and factory resetted on mere DHCP. Still the phone’s web interface stays disabled… Is the phone bricked?

A private message, to gather more information, has been sent.