[SOLVED] Confbrigde() on OpenWRT, asterisk 11

Hi, I’m running asterisk 11 on OpenWRT based router.
I have a problem with establishing confbrigde() conference rooms, I get the

-- Executing [201@uzytkownicy:1] ConfBridge("SIP/test-00000000", "1") in new stack > 0x9b7f80 -- Probation passed - setting RTP source address to [Oct 22 10:25:04] ERROR[4996][C-00000000]: app_confbridge.c:1187 join_conference_bridge: Conference '1' mixing bridge could not be created. == Spawn extension (uzytkownicy, 201, 1) exited non-zero on 'SIP/test-00000000'

I did try to find an answer and I got into conclusion that I might miss some of required modules. I have app_confbridge.so module loaded as well as mixing ones.

Connected to Asterisk 11.5.1 currently running on OpenWrt (pid = 4977) OpenWrt*CLI> module show Module Description Use Count app_confbridge.so Conference Bridge Application bridge_builtin_features.so Built in bridging features 1 bridge_multiplexed.so Multiplexed two channel bridging module 0 bridge_simple.so Simple two channel bridging module 0 bridge_softmix.so Multi-party software based channel mixin 0

I can’t figure out what other modules might be needed. Any ideas?
Thanks, Andrzej

It’s also required to install asterisk11-res-timing-pthread*.ipk and asterisk11-res-timing-timerfd*.ipk packages. From this moment on, confbridge connections are being established :smile:
I forgot to mention that bridge*.so files are mine compilants and are not delivered with OpenWRT.