Softswitch to asterisk call - sip settings


I have question

My friend using MVTS(softswitch) for voip.
He want send the traffic to us
İ havent switch i have only one server and i have elastix
But i cant configure SIP trunk incoming settings and i need dial plan.

For example he will send iran mobile traffic
A-number : xxxxxx(anywhere)
B-number :989xxxxx

For example he will send turkey mobile traffic
A-number : xxxxx(anywhere)
B-number : 905xxxxxx

İ want to setup IVR and incoming calls setup this IVR.
Came calls not going other provider or operator.

So only listen IVR

PSTN---->VOIP PROVIDER(my friend)---->my server(elastix)---->IVR

Please help me

Thanks for understanding
Sorry for bad english :frowning:

You can probably do it.

The incoming trunk should be matched by IP address, like:

Please consider adjusting your firewall to only accept traffic from known hosts.

Also you might try asking on an Elastix-specific forum for dialplan details.