SMS or Whatsapp with Asterisk

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Sorry if it is not the right place for this question, but what is the cheapest way to send SMS and Whatsapp (if it is possible) with ASTERISK worldwild? If someone knows what are the best providers, it will be very helpfull.


By having asterisk making an api call towards an SMS provider of for whatsapp to an omni channel provider… At least that is what I think is the cheapest way…

If your destinations include the USA, you will need to register with the US authorities, as all such texts are treated as being bulk marketing, whether or not they actually are.

Thanks for the answer!
What do you mean by omni channel? This is not how asterisk is working now?
My question was more about on how to choose a good and cheap SMS provider but thanks a lot!

Thanks for the information! I just need to send a confirmation with a date…but if it is the rule it is the rule!

I’m not sure of the exact exemptions, as I haven’t had to address this in anger, although I get the impression that many providers shoot first and ask questions later.

However, this thread may help explain the situation for text messages entering the USA from VoIP: SMS/MMS text Messaging - Providers - FreePBX Community Forums

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Omni channel providers provide access to different channels like Whatsapp, Viber, etc…
Think of Twillio and Bird.


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