SLA is missing from the Asterisk 13


I am using the Asterisk 13 and I have installed confbridge properly. However, SLAtrunck and SLAStaion functions are missing.

Does anyone know if SLA functionality is still available or not? And if yes, then can someone explain how to add the SLA?

I read that the app_meetme has been depreciated but does SLA functionality have been added to confbridge?

I have followed the steps from the following link to install but it did not work.


SLA functionality does not exist in ConfBridge. It only exists in Meetme.

@jcolp, thanks for you reply.

Can I add meetme in Asterisk 13? Is it possible to use SLA functionality in Asterisk 13 by installing any specific package, if meetme is not available for Asterisk 13?

I don’t know what you mean by packages, we don’t distribute any so I can’t comment on that. The MeetMe application itself can be built when building Asterisk by selecting it in “make menuselect” and the previous requirements continue, that is DAHDI is required.

ok. Thanks. Let me try installing meetme.

According to you, I should be able to use meetme in asterisk 13 without any issue. Right?

There hasn’t been anything done to hinder it, but it’s not something anyone touches or tests.

Thanks @jcolp . I was able to install the asterisk with meetme and SLA.

Can I use SLA with the pjsip?

According to, SLA only works with the chan_sip. Is it true?

I think it should, but noone has tested/tried/used it with PJSIP to my knowledge.