SIPADDHEADER Failure over AMI OriginationAction


I have been trying to perform an automatic answer of the initial callback of a call to OriginateAction by setting the SIPADDHEADER variables when sending the Action. My variables in the Origination action are set like so:

This works fine except that not only will the originator’s extension auto answer but the destination extension will auto answer as well. I discovered that this was due to the use of the “__” perpended to the SIPADDHEADER key which caused the resulting channel to inherit the initiating channels variables during the call to Dial(). I removed the __s so that it looked like:

but now the auto answer fails completely on both ends and no SIP headers are sent to the device. Can someone tell me why the sip headers are not noticed when I do not have the “__” perpended to the SIPADDHEADER key. Note I have also tried with a single “_” and this caused both extensions to auto answer. Could this possibly be a bug in the way the headers are handled?

Best Regards,
Mike Yara