SIP URI in caller ID

When making in/outgoing calls I always get caller ID as xxxxxx@
I don’t have any callerID in Trunks only for Extensions.
How can I get rid of the @ as caller ID and only get xxxxxx ?

Insufficient information, or you are asking how to generate invalid SIP requests.

It would be nice if you told me what kind of information is needed …

Sufficient information to understand the problem. What you mean by caller ID. The logs or other source of evidence of the incorrect caller ID. The relevant sip.conf entry and dialplan. If the caller ID is appearing on some other device, the type of device and how it has been configured.

At the moment, I’m fairly sure that you are either describing the behaviour of something outside Asterisk, or we have different understandings of what constitutes a caller ID in a typical SIP configuration.

At a wild guess, if not properly configured to operate as telephone extensions, some phones will display the complete URI, rather than the user field. If that is your problem it needs to be addressed in the phone.

Yes - your are right.
The problem is in my sip phone.
When I get a call to my PBX and the caller connects to the sip phone via the IVR and no one answers the call then the missed calls log - on the sip phone - shows xxxxxx@

So what you are saying is that the problem is in sip phone configuration … I will check that with my sip phone which is CSipSimple … thanks for your information