Sip unifier?

Does anybody know if there’s any service on the net that forwards (for ex.) 5 sip account, from different providers all, just in one sip account that lets you receive all the calls from all the providers?


(SIP 1–SIP2–SIP3–SIP4 ) -->=SIP5

and on SIP5 you receive all the calls from sip1,sip2,sip3 and sip4; and some how you can configure it for the outgoing call to work with some of them… lol



Not exactly it’s function but you could try EasyPABX. This is basically a hosted PABX system but could (I believe) do what you are looking for.

very very easy

in * sip.conf set the contexts for accounts 1-4 to be the same

then do in extensions.conf

exten => _X.,1,Dial(SIP/account5)